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XNavigator is an interactive 3D viewer and integrated client for exploring virtual city and landscape models. A wide range of interaction and navigation possibilities makes it easy to visualize and analyze very detailed virtual urban environments. The software is built on Java technology and runs on a wide range of platforms, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, and Solaris. The 3D graphics is based on OpenGL hardware acceleration. The Java technology also allows an easy integration into webpages and online portals.

XNavigator relies on a server client architecture. Instead of defining its own proprietary communication protocols, open OGC standards are used. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) defines standards for accessing spatial information over the internet.

The main 3D content is downloaded from a Web 3D Service (W3DS).

Additional OGC services which can be accessed include:

The main benefit of using open standards is that existing components can be used

More information on the Web 3D Service can be found here:


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Main Developer:
Also the following Persons contributed valuable extensions:


XNavigator was developed at the University of Bonn, Germany, Department of Geography, Cartography Working Group, and at University of Heidelberg, GIScience group as a part of a research project on spatial data infrastructures, see

The development has been funded by the Klaus Tschira Foundation gGmbH, see